What are the digital marketing trends for 2020?

2020 has barely begun, but it’s already time to introduce you to the digital marketing trends for the year. Let’s see what will fuel the conversations of digital marketers!

The 9 2020 Marketing Trends you absolutely must try!

1. Voice search, again and again

Who got a personal assistant at Christmas? Whether it’s Google Home or Alexa, the popularity of voice search is likely to continue to grow. So it is even more important to take this into account in your SEO strategies. How can you do this? Among other things, you can write the titles or subtitles of a web page or blog post in question form!

2. Personalized marketing: Every customer experience is unique

The decade that has just ended has seen the emergence of many tools, such as automation marketing and chatbots. At a time when the customer experience is being increasingly personalized, these tools help create a special bond with customers. What could be warmer than receiving a personally addressed email in your name in which you share your favourite products or services? Or to see a small window open in the lower-left corner of your Web site page to answer your questions? 

3. TikTok: memes and video clips

TikTok is this new mobile application that allows you to share and view short videos of about fifteen seconds, a bit like the stories on Instagram. 2019 has witnessed its growing popularity. Today, it is one of the favourite applications of the younger generation of Internet users, since it is estimated that ⅔ of its 500 million users are under 30 years old. It is therefore expected that it will be the target of several web marketing strategies in 2020.

4. Shoppable posts

You may have seen them on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Shoppable means that you can buy the products featured in a photo with just a few clicks. If you’re in retail, this 2020 marketing trend is for you!

5. Video, or the art of storytelling

Every year, people are consuming more and more video content on the Internet and social networks. Internet users want to hear stories, but they also want to see the human side behind organizations. Video is the ideal type of content for storytelling. And what better way to make a video than with a web series?

6. User-generated content: Turn your customers into your influencers!

The more Web 2.0 develops, the easier it is for Internet users to generate content. And by user-generated content, we don’t just mean photos on Instagram. We are also and especially thinking about opinions (on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor…) and comments (e.g. Reddit, Quora, specialized blogs) on the Internet. This type of content is highly trusted by consumers, and 90% take it into account before purchasing a product or service.

7. Influence marketing: partner with content creation specialists!

Another way to take advantage of user-generated content is to collaborate with content creation specialists: influencers. Thanks to the privileged relationship these people have built with their audience, you will be able to reach your target audience more easily!

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8. Podcasts: to entertain and inform

In the age of fake news, Internet users are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the information they receive. So it is even more important to demonstrate your expertise so that people know why they should trust you. And to achieve this, podcasts are essential tools, because they are easy to listen to in the car, during long journeys, at work or while you are indulging in your favourite creative hobby.

Another way to demonstrate your expertise is through long articles (300 to 2000 words) posted as blog posts and then shared on your social networks, such as LinkedIn. 

The better your articles or podcasts, the more likely you are to be cited by other websites and media. In SEO jargon, this is called a backlink.

9. From AR to Interactive Photos: Bold Visuals

AR, or augmented reality, is a technology that has been widely popularized by games such as Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite. Will the year 2020 witness the breakthrough of this technology in online marketing?

As for interactive photos, they are evolving along with updates from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat. A new feature that caught our attention is Facebook’s Instant Experiences. From filters and buttons to frames and gifs, there are more tools than ever to let your creativity flow. So get started! Have fun and experiment! 


What 2020 marketing trends do you feel like putting into practice? Let’s discuss it over a cup of tea!