Marketing automation

What is automation marketing?

Automation campaigns consist in making SMEs benefit from automated emailings to maintain a direct relationship with their current customers. Its greatest advantage? It allows to reach prospects in a precise way at a specific moment to make them advance in a conversion funnel.

This strategy certainly takes your company to the next level: it allows segmentation, nurturing, ROI measurement (return on investment) and above all to better know the behaviour of your consumers.

What is the difference with newsletters?

The newsletter is an email that is sent to a list of contacts, while automation marketing is an email sent personally to a customer in connection with his journey through your conversion funnel.

Above all, automation marketing is not limited to sending emails, it allows you to create scenarios that send personalized content based on the actions and interests of your prospects. Speaking of actions, you will be aware of your prospects’ every move:

  • Who received your email and number of mailings
  • Who opened your email and opening rate
  • Who clicked your links in the email and click rates
  • The number of clicks on each of your links
  • Which variant of your emails converts best.

I want to attract my ideal clients!