At POP INC Production, we are a purpose-driven, organic company based in Gatineau / Ottawa.

We are a group of storytellers, innovators, content creators and a video production company all working under one roof. We are a digital marketing agency that has years of experience working with companies, scripts, commercials, branded entertainment and social video content.

In 2020, the POP Inc agency expanded to work with over 150 clients and 6 full-time employees. The team is increasingly working with video production and it was natural for the POP Inc agency to open a new division—POP INC Production.

POP Inc agency acquired Sam Laflamme Production and now operates a full video production team in Ottawa. At POP INC Production, we work together with you to produce the ideal video to match the outstanding content we create. Not only can video enhance the overall look of your digital marketing, but it can also create significant and measurable benefits. At POP INC Production, we believe that a world in transformation requires a passion for innovation.

POP Inc. is all about audacious and authentic people.

We are passionate about the development of each member of our talented team because we believe that a high-performance workforce is the best way to reach a successful result.

We are known for our innovative ideas in video production and for our unique mindset as high-level strategists. Our talent, creativity and marketing expertise are committed to your success in ensuring that your needs are fully realized and your business objectives are achieved.

We are dedicated to the strength of our convictions by engaging and implementing our principles on a daily basis. As we love to say, we walk the talk!