What is Google My Business

In an effort to gain more visibility on Google, many businesses create a Google business listing (known officially as a Business Profile). If you are one of these business owners, you may not realize that creating a business profile does not give you the option to manage it. You require these management and editing capabilities if you want your business profile to be an effective SEO and lead generation tool.

So, how do you obtain management of your Google business profile? The answer is that in addition to creating a free business profile, you must also independently create a free Google My Business account for that profile.

A Google My Business account is the unique way in which you can claim ownership of your business profile, gain management rights to it, and unlock extra free features to increase your visibility on Google.

What is google my business?

As mentioned, Google My Business is a tool that will allow you to manage and optimize your business profile on Google. To explain what Google My Business is and how it works, let’s start by properly understanding what a business profile is. Your business profile is the name used by Google to refer to your business listing on Google. Business profiles appear in Google Maps and in local Google search engine results.

Creating a business profile is similar to adding a location to Google Map, which anyone can do. All Google needs is the company name, location and category. Once Google has confirmed that it is not a duplication, it creates the business profile for that specific location. The business profile is then available for consumers to leave comments, add photos, ask questions and even answer questions. The business profile can also be populated with information that Google gathers on the web.

This means that a business profile can actually exist on its own, outside of a Google My Business account. And whether you’ve created your own business profile or not, you don’t have the control to manage the information it displays or the opinions it receives.

That’s where Google My Business enters the picture. By creating a Google My Business account, you can access, customize, manage and improve your business profile on Google, all for free.

How to use google my business for local marketing

We have determined that Google My Business is not your business profile, but rather a tool that allows you to improve your business profile in order to increase its visibility and increase its efficiency. Let’s take a look at the four key ways you can use this Google My Business profile to make your profile on the Google list a more effective local marketing tool.

  1. Engage with consumers
    Consumers have many ways to interact with your business profile, and you can use your Google My Business account to engage with them. You can respond to notices, answer questions, enable direct messaging, and set up relevant alerts. You can even use Google My Business to post messages to your business profile, just as you do on Facebook and other social media platforms. In fact, your Google My Business dashboard lets you respond to reviews, post articles, and answer questions in your business profile.
  2. Highlight your business
    A business profile alone contains limited information about your organization. But with the dashboard in your Google My Business account, you can provide hours, a link to your website, products and prices, Perform local SEO
    Just as Google has algorithms for ranking its ads and websites, it has one for ranking business profiles. With your Google My Business dashboard, you can include keywords in your business profile and perform other optimizations to help it rank in local results.attributes and other details that make your business stand out. You’ll also use your Google My Business account to easily make changes and updates as needed. A complete business profile provides a complete overview of your company, including its best features, directly in the SERP.


  1. Gain insights
    You can use the Google My Business dashboard to get key information about your audience and local search performances. In the “Analytics” tab of the dashboard, you can see the searches that customers use to find your business profile, whether they found you on Google Maps or Google Search, a breakdown of the types of actions taken on your ad, and how your photos perform compared to other profiles in your category. Also note that there are ways to track clicks from a business profile via UTM and Google Analytics settings.
  2. Perform local SEO
    Just as Google has algorithms for ranking its ads and websites, it has one for ranking business profiles. With your Google My Business dashboard, you can include keywords in your business profile and perform other optimizations to help it rank in local results.

How to use google my business for local seo

Google’s business profiles are very dynamic. Not only do they change shape according to the platform, but Google also prioritizes sections of your profile based on the search term and the type of information most relevant to consumers in your category. Even better, Google will give more emphasis to keywords in your profile content that it considers relevant.

But above all, you need information to be prioritized and keywords to highlight in your profile. POP would use a content management system such as WordPress to optimize your website for search engines, Google My Business is used to optimize your profile and increase your reach. How do I use Google My Business for local SEO? Well, since Google optimization is fundamentally search engine optimization, it all comes down to the same three things: targeting, quality of information and trust.

  1. Target your information
    To use Google My Business for SEO, make sure you integrate relevant keywords into your business profile so you can tell Google what you are trying to rank. Use them in your “business” description, your responses to reviews, your answers to questions and in the articles you are publishing. Make sure you include them naturally, as you would any other SEO strategy. Include keywords in your description, which you can update via your Google My Business dashboard.
  2. Maintain quality of information
    The accuracy and completeness of your business profile affect its ranking. Therefore, be sure to complete the required information in each section of your Google My Business dashboard. It is especially important to provide your contact information, special schedules and business attributes.


  1. Build trust
    The final approach to use Google My Business for SEO involves the trust component of Google’s algorithm. Keep your information current and accurate as your business grows. Keep a constant flow of comments and respond to them. Also let Google know that you’re active by uploading photos and posting messages on your business profile via Google My Business on a frequent basis.
  2. Get started with Google My Business today
    SEO is important for any company, but especially for small businesses that can use local targeting to challenge large competitors on the SERP. Google makes local targeting even easier with its strong business profiles. A Google My Business account is essential for any business that is trying to optimize its visibility in its local market.
    By properly understanding what exactly Google My Business is, how it works and how to use it, you can now see that using this free tool is not only a smart idea for local marketing, but a necessity. Open your Google My Business account now so that your business profile can outperform your competition and attract more customers to the world’s most popular search engine.