Our social engagement: the strength of our convictions

POP inc. is proud to be a socially responsible business.

Once again this year, our team has chosen to help a gold organization and a local company! Our social causes of the year are La Fondation et Centre Carme and La ferme Pays vert.

As a digital marketing agency, we pursue the same professional objective: to make the Internet a proactive player in the profitability and visibility of organizations.

Ultimately, we want to inspire other ordinary people to do extraordinary things. So many people talk about their desire to change the world, but few take action. We want to show that no matter what your strengths and qualities are, you can use them to make a significant difference.

Our pride:


Humans2Humanity, it starts from a dream.

A dream made years ago: a desire to make a significant contribution in this world.


By giving a voice to ordinary people and organizations who perform extraordinary things on a daily basis. By meeting these people, we share some of their experiences while providing them with our content marketing skills.

Digital storytelling

for humanity

We tell the story of these passionate people in a humane and authentic way. We witness their kindness and bravery by sharing their daily lives for a moment. In doing so, not only do we inspire the people touched by the stories we tell, but as part of H2H, we go through enriching experiences that transform us forever.

Content marketing is our strength. Social media are powerful tools for sharing stories. With Humans2Humanity, we use them to serve organizations and people who are dedicated to changing the world one day at a time.

We combine our know-how and what we love with what the world needs.

I want to be part of your future!