Humans full of authenticity and audacity

POP inc. above all means audacious and authentic people.

We are committed to the development of each member of our close-knit team because, in our opinion, a successful workforce is the best way to achieve guaranteed success.

We distinguish ourselves by our innovative ideas and our spirit worthy of high-level strategists. Our talent, creativity and marketing expertise are dedicated to your business to ensure that your needs are fully satisfied and that your profitability targets are achieved.

We believe in the strength of our convictions by being committed to the respect and application of our principles on a daily basis. As we like to say, we walk the talk!

POP inc. is:

Kimberly Biggs | CEO

Chanel Taillefer | Director of creation

Stephen Lau | Manager I SEO I SEM

Félix Déry | Videographer

Samuel Laflamme | Production Director

Jorge Velasco | Web content specialist

Noï-Delphine Hogue | Online advertising specialist

Caroline Fabre | Writer


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