Humans full of authenticity and audacity

We are awkward, creative and talented. A talented multidisciplinary collective of digital marketers

It’s amazing how the stars aligned, bringing together a group of unique individuals who now make up Pop Inc! Our mutual enthusiasm has created an environment where creative collaboration and dynamic energy thrive. Like puzzle pieces, each team member fits perfectly

– it was destiny that brought us all here to fulfill this singular mission of positivity and success.

A Multi-disciplinary collective of Digital Marketers working as one to Build your Brand, make it grow and position it as a leader in the Ottawa – Gatineau region.

The Pop Inc team was founded on a beautiful coincidence; the natural flow of life brought together a team who just clicked! Thanks to this serendipitous connection, we are able to share our energy and enthusiasm with others.

POP inc. is:

Kimberly Biggs | CEO

Chanel Taillefer | Creative director

Samuel Laflamme | Production Director

Félix Déry | Photographer and Videographer

Catherine Renaud | Graphic Designer

Mériame Lafrenière | Contact Creation and Social

Daniela Camargo | Marketing Development

Audrey-Ann Vachon | Marketing Manager

Yanie Porlier | Web Project Manager

Stephen Lau | Senior SEO Specialist

Rodrigo Texeira | Senior SEO Specialist

Jorge Velasco | Web Content Specialist

Our team is a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, cultures and mindsets that come together to create an inspiring atmosphere! We strive to provide everyone with the opportunity for growth, learning and success.

I want to meet the collective of certified good humans!