Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing to power your digital growth

The main objective of POP Inc. is to support the digital growth of SMEs. Your online reputation is important to us. That’s why we’ve assembled the talent, know-how and expertise you need to deliver a winning web strategy!

Our approach to digital marketing and web strategy

It all starts with a warm handshake and a heartfelt conversation over tea. Every member of POP inc. is committed to meeting the people behind a business in order to set the basis for a lasting relationship. Our approach to digital marketing and web strategy is based on the following 9 steps:

  1. We define your needs and state your objectives;
  2. We then describe your ideal client persona;
  3. We continue with the development of your budget;
  4. We analyse your online reputation and presence in order to make recommendations;
  5. We then develop a global strategy to improve your e-reputation and your online presence;
  6. We deploy this strategy through a variety of methods (SEO, website and social media profile optimization, launching advertising or emailing campaigns, creating and writing digital content, etc.);
  7. We examine the results using objective data;
  8. We analyze the impacts and make recommendations that we present to you in a detailed monthly report;
  9. We make the necessary changes to improve your strategic plan.

Our expertise

Organic and paid search engine optimization

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Inbound marketing

Or how to take advantage of the power of blogs, search engines and social media to attract more clients.

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Social Media Marketing

Or how a turnkey social networking service can generate measurable results

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Content Marketing

Or how to build lasting relationships with your digital audience.

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Marketing Automation

Or how to carry out automated emailing campaigns to convert prospects into clients.

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