Social Media Management: Supporting a sincere dialogue with your community

Our strength as human beings is created by our ability to communicate.

Nowadays, social networks have become powerful means of communication between all of us. To employ them to their full potential, community managers play a vital role. These people establish and support an authentic dialogue with your audience on social networks.

Our community managers: an essential part of your digital marketing strategy

Our community managers work to increase the size of your audience and the volume of traffic to your website. These social network specialists monitor and facilitate online conversations about your company. In addition, the impact of your online presence, enhanced by us, is rigorously measured using accurate data. Social media and social web tools are therefore the keys to each of our inbound marketing strategies.

Your online success quantified by accurate and objective data

At POP inc., we have developed a rigorous methodology based on the observation and measurement of reliable traffic indicators. The results of our analyses serve 3 main objectives:

  1. Quantify your online success;
  2. Implement strategies and objectives to consolidate your success;
  3. Draw up an accurate portrait of the persona of your target audience (your ideal client).

Our traffic indicators


  • Reach;
  • Impression;
  • Coverage of publications;
  • Number of likes, members, followers and/or subscribers;
  • Social listening;
  • Impacted accounts;
  • Demographic characteristics of followers and/or subscribers;
  • Traffic periods for your page and/or account.

Nos indicateurs de trafic


  • Clicks to the online shop or website;
  • Purchases;
  • Use of coupons and exclusive offers.


  • Clicks;
  • Openings;
  • Actions performed on the stories;
  • Features of story navigation;
  • Votes;
  • Views;
  • Visits to the profile and/or page;
  • Reactions;
  • Comments.


  • Sharing;
  • Notices, visits and recommendations;
  • Identification and mentions;
  • User-generated content;
  • Engagement rate.

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