Social media advertising: reaching your customers wherever they are

Social media advertising has revolutionized the art of advertising campaigns!

This emerging field makes it possible to generate a powerful attraction for potential customers. Why? Because the use of social media is clearly increasing among the entire population in Canada!

At POP inc., our experts assist you in the implementation of advertising campaigns on the following social media:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • LinkedIn;
  • YouTube.

7 reasons why digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn is promising

  1. Social networks are used by the ⅔ of the Canadian population! In Canada alone, more than 25 million people surf social networks and nearly half of them are between the ages of 25 and 44.
  2. YouTube and Facebook alone receive an average of 1,056,300,000 visits each month.
  3. Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram respectively reaches 71%, 53% and 40% of people aged 13 and over in Canada. In fact, the median age of people using social networks is 41.4 years.
  4. Today, 42% of Internet users use ad blocking software on their browsers. That’s why setting up a social media advertising campaign is a great way to get around these software and increase your clientele with sponsored content.
  5. With an average usage rate of 1 hour and 47 minutes per day, social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, are the ideal platforms for targeted Internet advertising. As for streaming videos, such as those found on YouTube, they are watched daily for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes.
  6. Advertising creation platforms and publication boost options allow you to accurately choose the scope and targeting of the promotional content you want to promote.
  7. Social media advertising campaigns are easily adapted to SME budgets. In some cases, $1 might even be enough to launch a campaign.

How to create successful advertising campaigns on social media

Our social media specialists will provide you with personalized support to carry out your advertising campaigns. In partnership with you, we will design a digital advertising strategy adapted to the reality and budget of your company.

Our 9-step approach to digital advertising:

  1. Define your needs and state your objectives;
  2. Create or analyze and optimize your social media profiles;
  3. Describe your ideal client persona;
  4. Develop your budget;
  5. Write the advertising content and/or create the visuals;
  6. Schedule and launch your advertising campaign;
  7. Track the reach and conversions generated by sponsored content;
  8. Analyze the benefits presented in a detailed monthly report;
  9. Make recommendations to improve your advertising campaigns.

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