Content marketing: Inspire trust and tell your story

As content marketing experts, we produce top-quality content ourselves.

What we create is then used by brands and influencers on social media.

Content marketing, to demonstrate your responsible leadership

We believe in the power of organic marketing and inbound marketing. We want to make each of our clients’ companies benefit from it. If you want an influencer to talk about you, your social networks must be consistent and inspire trust. How? By making sure you walk the talk.

With a well-defined and comprehensive content strategy, it is much easier to get your message out to a targeted audience and to have a lasting impact on people’s minds. Your social media will accurately represent how your company respects and applies its principles to concretely demonstrate your responsible leadership.

A digital storytelling approach to share your story

POP inc. is an agency exclusively dedicated to digital marketing. That’s why your campaigns are fully supported by our team of project managers. Our creative talent and digital storytelling are powerful assets for your company’s image and promotional campaigns. That’s why each of our brand strategies is designed and conceived by mobilizing the right resources to achieve 5 specific objectives:

  1. Develop a strong brand image;
  2. Tell the story of your company;
  3. Distinguish yourself from the competition;
  4. Increase your customer base;
  5. Build customer loyalty.

The pieces of

YOUR story

  • Photo and video content;
  • Customized digital platforms;
  • Landing pages;
  • Events and travel;
  • Contests;
  • Social media;
  • Brand strategy and valuation;
  • Rebranding.

I want to pursue my content strategy!