At POP Inc. we combine strategic tactics with a long-term vision to provide SEO consulting that leads to steady and sustainable growth.

Whether you need help determining your site’s current problems and opportunities or are looking for a long-term partnership, we have a solution for you.

Our SEO audit services are more than a simple report based on automated software, and they are more than a checklist of your problems. Each audit includes a discovery phase, an in-depth research on your company, a launch call, as well as a post-discovery check-in.

We will answer your most important questions

  • What limits my website’s visibility on search engines in terms of content and technical configuration?
  • Where am I in my SEO efforts compared to online competitors in my niche/my market?
  • What immediate actions can I take to see improvement?
  • What long-term goals do I need to set to ensure continued traffic growth?

Our Value

In addition to using powerful tools and comprehensive data analysis, an experienced SEO project manager – with the help of a team of specialists – performs dozens of hours of manual analysis. The result of our research is a hierarchical plan of actions you can take to increase your website’s visibility.

Our standard SEO audit report is an in-depth, yet accessible, multi-page report. This report diagnoses potential problems with your website and gives step-by-step instructions to correct them.


We prioritize our recommendations so you know where to focus your efforts and where to start. Together, we will review each recommendation in depth, especially the important things. Most customers benefit from a significant increase in traffic and conversions after implementation of our recommendations.

A lasting business relationship

While checking is excellent for catching up and making a lot of changes, staying up to date with changes to search engines can be exhausting and resource intensive. Build your team’s capacity by relying on POP Inc. for implementation and industry-led advice.

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, you will benefit from all of POP Inc.’s resources and background to guide your research marketing plan and coordinate with your various departments and suppliers necessary to achieve your objectives.