Register a website on search engines


New terms in digital marketing can stun even the most accomplished entrepreneur. This is why we will try to demystify what we mean by referencing.

In its strictest sense, SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is the act of registering a website on the main search engines so that it can be found and be visible by Internet users. The development of SEO domain resulted in numerous techniques to improve the rankings of websites on search engines. All these efforts are known today as search engine marketing (SEM).


  • Search engine optimisation, which focuses on a website’s natural referencing;
  • Pay per click advertising, which can also be found under the terms search engine advertising (SEA) or PPC (pay-per-click).

How is SEO analyzed?

When a SEO analysis is requested, the first step is to conduct a SEO audit. Initially, this audit consists of using specialized software to collect all the positions obtained in the results of the main search engines, – such as Google and its derivatives (local, mobile), Bing and Yahoo, – according to a list of keywords linked to the client’s website. Following its analysis, the software provides a referencing score of the analyzed website based on one or more keywords. In a second step, the audit can also include the analysis of the weaknesses encountered on the client’s website and which hinder its ranking.

At the Pop inc. agency, we go even further because we include a long-term vision in our SEO audits. We compare your company’s rankings with the ones of your competitors. We help you define long-term goals to support the traffic growth to your website. Moreover, our approach favours an upstream intervention, by guiding you in the creation of your company’s website. In this way, our intervention is optimal, since the whole site is designed with SEO in mind, from its technical aspects to its contents.

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