On average 3.3 billion searches are made every day and over 60% have local intentions. Right now your potential customer is Google for something you might be able to provide. Question is: Are you among the first google results? If not, then you need help from an agency specialized in SEO. Are you a local business? Then you will be glad to hear that POP Inc is expert in SEO in Gatineau, Hull and other regions around us. We are Gatineau’s experts on local SEO.

What you will get by having POP Inc. Agency as your SEO expert


Generate more website traffic

Through our SEO Audit, referencing PPC (adwords), SEO consulting and local SEO strategy POP Inc will be able to generate relevant and targeted traffic to your website. Forget about generic keywords. Our constant monitoring will optimize your key demographic data and develop invaluable business intelligence.


Receive more calls

By implementing a rock solid Google Business profile for your company, along with another SEO techniques, POP Inc will make your phone ring. With call tracking software, call reporting and local lists, we guarantee that your phone bring you new customers from the digital world.


Attract more prospects

Our tailormade digital marketing strategy goes beyond traditional SEO. Get customer information on custom landing pages, custom made for your business, using content generated by our intelligence reports, and use these leads to generate new business.


Make more sales

Increased traffic, calls and leads mean more sales for your business. Is our SEO strategy working soundly? Then maybe POP Inc can go beyond and help you take the next step with a new website or a social marketing strategy focused on your business needs and capabilities.

Our SEO techniques will bring more visitors to your website. Guaranteed.

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive search engine optimization packages available. Need a SEO Gatineau strategy? We’ve got it. Is your costumer nation wide? We also have SEO plans to improve diverse audience traffic. We go well beyond the traditional point of view. POP Inc.’s approach is to attract consumers from the target market to your site and then convert the site visitor into a buyer. Ultimately, your business should get a good return on investment (ROI).

What SEO results you want

  • Better google positioning;
  • Be found on Google’s first page;
  • More visitors to your website;
  • More incoming calls and emails;
  • More sales.

What SEO results we provide

  • A turnkey solution for your digital strategy;
  • A team full of experts on digital communication and technology you can understand and work with;
  • A customizable SEO plan for your needs. Local SEO? National? SEO for a health clinic? We have a custom plan for every kind of business;
  • Someone to calm headaches and guide you through;
  • Clear explanations that you can understand, SEO support from A to Z;
  • Unequalled expertise.

Local SEO

You don’t have to compete for traffic against companies located elsewhere if you are focussed on local consumers.Get customers’ attention on your retail store or local business through local SEO. Are located in Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer or any other region, and want to dominate that area? Local SEO is for you.

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SEO Audit

Find out how ready you are to rule your market with SEO techniques. Your website is not showing up on Google results? Maybe your website is being penalized by Google. Find that answer and much more through Agence Pop’s powerful tools and comprehensive data analysis

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Did you know?

There are two ways to implement a SEO strategy. You can either sprinkle SEO on your current website, which works, but takes longer, or you can build a modern and good looking website from scratch with SEO in mind from the beginning. You don’t have to worry about anything: Agence POP can do it all for you. In other words, call us before you create a website for maximum results.


Referencing PPC- adwords

What about combining organic Google traffic, which is free, with a set of tailored ads to be printed on your ideal client’s screen? Inbound marketing is like building the biggest funnel as possible. Give it a boost with PPC. It is not as expensive as you think and it pays out. Get Agence POP as your experienced partner for fast and relevant leads on Google.

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