True humans

  • Kimberly Biggs
    Kimberly BiggsCEO

    With over ten years of Web experience, Kimberly implements Web marketing strategies developed in consultation with you. It provides innovative solutions to help your business take advantage of the latest digital strategies and technologies. Kimberly is also responsible for conferences and training offered to entrepreneurs.

  • Stephen Lau
    Stephen LauMANAGER I SEO I SEM

    Stephen Lau graduated in biochemistry and has applied his knowledge in research analysis to the field of web marketing since 2001. He worked in several national advertising agencies and created his own successful marketing agency (36 people), Engine Creative Inc. acquired by Arlene Dickinson (Dragon’s Den) from Venture Communications in 2001. He is a SEO wiz, we call him the ninja.

  • Chanel Taillefer

    Passionate about web marketing and content creation, Chanel has an exemplary flair for finding new trends and putting them to work for entrepreneurs. In addition to a degree in fashion marketing and graphic design, Chanel is also an influential web video maker on YouTube in Quebec. As a project coordinator, she assists our clients in the development of their inbound marketing strategy.

  • Tahmid Jawad
    Tahmid JawadMANAGER I SEO I SEM

    Tahmid has a degree in engineering management and has worked in the IT field for several years. Originally from India, we are proud to celebrate his Canadian citizenship this year! Whoo-hoo! Expert in SEO, he is a great asset within our agency.

  • Sophie Hélène Matte
    Sophie Hélène MatteWEB CONTENT WRITER

    Like Jane Austen, Sophie handles words with brio. With her lynx eye, no mistake in French escapes her. Her university studies reflect her unquenchable curiosity: psychology, science, occupational therapy, translation, literature, industrial relations… Sophie is always ready to take on new challenges. As a Web content writer, Sophie meets all of our clients’ bilingual writing needs in order to facilitate the SEO of their Web site.

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