Influencer marketing

The digital era of social media has brought a whole new digital strategy: influential marketing.


It is a partnership between a company and influential people, often bloggers and youtubers, called influencers. These web creators are located in a particular field: fashion, lifestyle, outdoor, foodie, etc.. It’s a whole new profession!

These influencers collaborate with companies to create natural product placements through sponsored publications. It is a marketing strategy that allows to obtain a very favorable return on investment.


What an influencer can do for your business

  • Promote your company, an event or a campaign;
  • Create professional content;
  • Test your products and/or services and share their opinions with their community;
  • Give visibility and credibility to your products/services.

What we do for you

We take care of the identification and management of influencers or spokespersons who correspond to your image and who are followed by the targeted clientele of the company.

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