A team of friendly and available specialists.

Simple and non-negotiable values!

Kimberly Biggs, dynamic founder of Agence POP Inc., aim to become the marketing agency par excellence for Ottawa SMEs.

POP Inc. has equipped itself with the means to match its ambitions by bringing together a team of friendly and available specialists.

Their strategy is simple: to support entrepreneurs in their growth, by building a lasting and mutually profitable relationship.

Set the highest goals and keep improving. This is the promise we make to our clients, but it is also the development path we follow for the agency. By constantly giving the maximum, you can enjoy the feeling of a job well done! We therefore work in a good mood without retaining the passion that drives us when we take on a new project.

Our clients enjoy working with us: this is what allows us to build a lasting relationship that ensures the growth of our portfolio.

Come and join us and benefit from our expertise.

We know that the right marketing strategy can make a real difference for businesses. So, if you want to develop your online presence to reach a new clientele, come and meet us. We will study your situation and quickly propose an action plan.

Be part of our future!