POP Inc. Agency announces the launch of a new division POP Inc. Production

Samuel Laflamme, Production Director and Kimberly Biggs, CEO of POP Agency Inc.


It’s the story of twenty projects together and more than five years of collaboration that lead Samuel Laflamme and Kimberly Biggs to join forces as a full service production team and launch POP inc. Production.

With a mission of continued growth, the POP inc. team welcomes Samuel Laflamme and his recognized fields of expertise and production know-how. Known for his creative and innovative spirit, the young videographer joins the team as Production Director and leads the new POP inc. Production division.

“My collaborations with Kimberly and her team gave me the desire to explore and reach a higher level. One thing led to another and the union between the two of us developed naturally. It is a stage in my professional life that I am most proud of to date. I look forward to the new division’s projects and long-term relationships with the agency’s clients. “says Samuel Laflamme, POP’s Production Director.

The goal of this partnership is to create video content with impact and to be an agent of positive change in the current world of video production.

“It was a natural alliance for us. Sam and I have been working together for several years now. He is a human being that I really like and we share the same values. POP Inc. is privileged to have great clients and it was important for me to add value to my team to better serve them and continue to accompany them in their digital growth. We are also very proud to be developing new projects. “says Kimberly Biggs, CEO of POP Agency Inc.

The team wishes to continue to make SMEs in the National Capital Region shine through their human projects. Also, documentary filmmaking and docu-series are big dreams shared by the group. With nature, the environment and sports at heart, the team wishes to establish its brand within video production in the region.